Web3 ID Forum to Host a One-Day Summit Addressing The Future of Digital Identity

Shape the future of Digital Identity

On November 17, Congressional and private sector leaders will share perspectives on shifting data authority away from companies to individuals.

The Web3 ID Forum will host a one-day summit on November 17, 2022 in Washington, D.C. that brings together technology, industry, and government leaders to discuss discuss imperatives for helping the U.S. government understand and legislate Web3 digital identity for greater control, freedom, and economic opportunity for people.

Held at the National Union Building from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern, the one-day event, themed “Shape the Future of Digital Identity,” aims to drive awareness and understanding about digital identity in an evolving world. By informing policymakers’ viewpoints, the Web3 ID Forum supports Congressional action on decentralized identity, leading to a future where data privacy and ownership is a fundamental individual right.

“We imagine a future where individuals are in control of their digital identities, deciding what personal data they want to share, monetize, keep private, and take with them wherever they go,” said Sena Loyd, Web3 ID Forum co-founder. “We’re catalyzing a movement toward personal data ownership, increasing safety, transparency, and trust as mainstream adoption of tomorrow’s internet grows.”​

The one-day summit includes a series of panels at the private sector, executive branch, and congressional levels with industry leaders who are advocating for a future of personal data ownership.

Speakers and panelists include Hon. Bill Foster of the U.S. House of Representatives, Jeremy Grant of the Better Identity Coalition, Peter Braunz of GenuBank; David Dorfman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee; Phillip Shoemaker of Identity.com; Ben Crockett of Trinsic; Tim Weiler of the Office of Rep. Bill Foster; Matt Digesti of Blockchains, Inc.; George Leonardo of Cap Hill Crypto and Tonya Riley of CyberScoop News.

The event agenda explores the benefits of digital identities controlled by individuals and a path for shifting data authority away from “big tech.” For individuals, Web3 digital identity can offer greater control, convenience, and security. For businesses, it can build greater credibility, trust, and brand loyalty among customers. Advocates for decentralized identity aim to empower government leaders with greater insight, collaboration, and confidence while they legislate this increasingly important topic.

To view the agenda and register, please visit https://www.web3idforum.org/

About the Web3 ID Forum

The Web3 ID Forum is an event series that unites technology, industry, and government leaders in the pursuit of digital identity ownership for individuals. Attendees network, share perspectives, and inform public policy about the shift in control of digital identity away from large corporations, empowering people to choose which personal data to share, monetize, or keep private, enabling greater economic opportunity, freedom, and security. The Web3 ID Forum advocates that a decentralized Web3 internet is foundational for paving the way for secure, portable, and trusted digital identities. Learn more at http://www.Web3IDforum.org.


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