Spotlight On: Solutions At Work

Nicole Murray, Solutions At Work

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Solutions At Work, an organization that has been providing companies of all sizes with a full range of Human Resources, HRIS, and Payroll-related consulting and solutions since 2010. Solutions At Work guides its clients to optimize their investment in people with advanced Human Resources strategies and solutions, helping them mitigate risk, increase performance, and enhance workplace cultures along the way.

We recently spoke with Nicole Murray, Solutions At Work CEO, about the role that digital identity plays within HR.

1. What makes Solutions at Work different from other HR, payroll, and business solutions providers?

There are a number of things which set Solutions At Work apart from other firms. First, our values. Our values are our guiding light when we are serving and engaging our clients.

Access to HRIS (human resources information system) and payroll technology also sets us apart from our competitors. We use one of the best platforms in the world, Workforce Ready by UKG (formerly Kronos). Offering managed payroll services in addition to the HR software is a huge boon for our clients.

2. How did you first get interested in the digital identity space? Share your backstory.

The concept of having a digital identity is very interesting to me as an HR leader. I am fascinated with the idea of actually fully owning one’s digital identity. While change is frightening, there are some great attributes to the concept.

3. What impact does digital identity have on HR strategies and solutions, and what role does digital identity play in how you serve your clients?

From an administrative point of view, digital identities can help streamline processes and procedures that live in my world. This is great news because my clients can spend more time growing their businesses than taking time for antiquated processes.

4. In your mind, what is the most pressing issue facing the development and proliferation of web3 identities?

Public education and awareness of what web3 is and how it can improve our lives. Many people I talk to do not have any idea what it is.

5. What is one project you are currently working on that excites you the most?

We are currently developing comprehensive leadership coaching and ombudsman solutions for the workplace. We are in the conceptual stage with a launch date in 2025.

6. What can we expect from Solutions at Work in the future?

Excellent HR expertise. All of us here at Solutions At Work aspire to be the best we can. With the world constantly changing, it is no small task for us. When we are at our best, our clients are able to be at their best. We will never lose sight of our number one priority and that is assisting our clients to manage risk.

We have an honest desire to see improvements in the digital identity space.

7. What do you hope to achieve as a member of the Web3 ID Coalition?

I love the opportunity to work with other professionals who are also choosing to be part of the solution! I look forward to gaining inspiration from them as well as throughout the process of getting web3 ID into the world.

Many thanks to Nicole for sharing Solutions at Work’s vision for the future of decentralized Human Resources solutions! Be sure to check out this space in the coming months for more Member Spotlights, as we’ll continue to profile innovative organizations dedicated to advocating for public policy that paves the way for secure, portable, and trusted digital identities.


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