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A Global Pandemic of
Identity Theft:

Aligning Technology, Business & Policy To Fuel a Future of Personal Data Ownership

It’s not if, but when.

A majority of America’s top data security experts agree that it’s just a matter of time until your identity will be stolen. It already happened to Chris Smith, a technology entrepreneur who experienced his own haunting episode when his digital life was pirated by a relentless band of bad actors over a multi-year period.

In this 60-minute “Ask Me Anything”-style webinar, Phillip Shoemaker, a decentralized digital identity expert, will interview Chris Smith about his terrifying tale of identity hijacking and subsequent career shift to raise awareness of identity risk to promote greater protection. Beyond sharing Chris’s story, our industry experts will explore the necessary intersection of technology, business and policy to prevent an oncoming crisis of personal digital identity theft with a backdrop of enterprise cybersecurity threats reaching all-time highs. 

Where does our nation stand with regard to solutions and action?  Join our conversation and learn how Web3 self-sovereign identity is the critical path toward a future of personal data ownership as the most viable protective measure against identity theft.



Phillip Shoemaker

CEO & Executive Director of Identity.com

Chris Smith

CEO & Founder,
DFend and book author
of Privacy Pandemic

Sena Loyd

Executive Director
of Web3 ID Coalition

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